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History & Corporate Information About Past Time Sports

Past Time Sports has been making Leather football helmets since 1996.

From our fine leather antique-stylefootball helmets to our
antique baseball gloves, antique style footballs , basketballs, and soccer balls in 1996 Past Time Sports begun handcrafting helmets out of the finest leathers, exact in every detail, to offer to coaches, fans and collectors everywhere.

At Past Time Sports we are also antique dealers and have antique stores which sell vintage sports equipment, one of a kind items we find all over the country. Our products make unique awards, trophies and banquet gifts, fundraising and incentives for football teams, schools and booster clubs.

Our handcrafted replica- helmets, balls and gloves make unique gifts, both for fans and for corporations and incredible fund raising incentives as we can personalize any and all of our products . The helmets, baseballs gloves and old time balls symbolize the Golden Era of these sports and the great nostalgia and tradition of that "never quit" spirit. The old ones are nearly extinct. Good clean examples can only be viewed in museums.

Past Time Sports "Glory Helmets"and baseball gloves are exacting to the the 1888-1900, 1920, 1930 and 1940 detail, from the inside out, with surface matches and textures to museum examples. They are full size, full weight, totally padded, with webbing on the inside as the helmets, gloves and balls of the golden era. Each has been handcrafted, hand-sewn and hand-tooled out of fine saddle quality leather like their rare ancestors . "Glory Helmets" can not be purchased anywhere else in the country except through authorized resellers. Here is an opportunity to acquire these great antique style helmets for yourself, your school or your associates and true fans who love the origins of the old game. Helmets, balls and gloves have been trademarked and patented.

Some of the greats who wore these helmets were Red Grange, Knute Rockne's Teams and the Four Horsemen, Bronko Nagurski, JimThorpe, Sammy Baugh, Tom Harmon, Doak Walker, Otto Graham, Crazy Legs Hirsh, Bobby Lane, Sid Luckman, Lou Groza, Bill Dougherty, Dante Leveli,
Ace Parker , Bobby Lane, Sid Luckman, Paul Horning, Joe Perry , and many other pro and college hall of famers, as well as the great early high school rivalries.

Because of the quality of the helmets, baseball gloves , antique basketballs ,soccer balls and early style footballs we have been fortunate to have our helmets sold at many great university athletic departments or with their sports merchandising catalogs or book stores. Here, they use the helmets in fund raising programs or to re-sell to fans and as awards at banquet time.

Glory Helmets have been :

  • Sold at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum Store and for past special awards ceremonies and inductions.
  • The College Football Hall of Fame Musem - the helmets are being sold here in the museum store and used in some displays.
  • Our leather helmets and watermelon footballs were a major part of the upcoming Movie Leatherheads with George Clooney, also used in the movie Codebreakers (Army Navy Rivalry), Disney's -Angels in the End Zone (Christopher Lloyd), Disney's The Greatest Game, The Basket (Peter Coyote) , Provide all the helmets for Monday Night Football "Smash Mouth Football http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xDBFIAgp58
  • as well as many Broadway and Television productions.
  • And to name only a few of the schools where we have done special programs
  • Notre Dame - these leather helmets are like the ones worn by the legendary Knute Rockne, Gipper & Four Horsemen and later ND teams. Because of this they have been featured in the Notre Dame Blue & Gold catalog. 
  • Georgia Tech - the helmets are similar to the old helmet of Georgia Tech and were in their fine Fall catalog, as well at the former Yellowjackets Locker Room at the athletic center.
  • Army - at the West Point Museum Store at the United States Military Academy.
  • Auburn - a 1997 Fall catalog featured "Glory Helmets".
  • University of Michigan - sold at the M-Den Stores, Moes and other local spirit stores.
  • Chick Fil et Bowl -Peach Bowl awards presentation program each year.
  • University of Delaware winged helmets for Commemortive Gifts honoring coach Tubby Williams.
  • Illinois - the helmet is like that of "the Galloping Ghost", Red Grange. It was featured in their Fall Illini merchandising catalog to alumni, boosters, and season ticket holders.
  • Michigan State - celebrating their 100th year, offered the helmets in their  100 year celebration catalog.
  • University of Tennessee - Our helmets were on the cover of the '97 fall catalog & sold in their book stores. Also custom Tennessee helmet was created for boosters.
  • Alabama carried the "Glory Helmets in one of their Fall catalogs
  • Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, Baylor, South Carolina, Purdue, Mississippi, & Florida - Follett book and apparel stores on the campuses also University bookstores at : Nebraska, Ohio State, University of Michigan, University of Southern California, the Yale Co-op Store, University of Colorado as awards, Arizona as commemoratives. 
  • Also, sold at Soldier Field with the Chicago Bears and many other University  and Pro Team affiliates.
  • Also used by the Chicago Bears as a Game Award for outstanding defensive play.
  • Selected for the 10 th straight year as a special commemoratives at the Doak Walker Awards Banquet

Glory Helmets are so authentic that they are sold at the
NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum in Canton, Ohio and
the College Football hall of Fame

A 4 color, 4 page, Free brochure is available for you and to share with you or your associates to see if you might have an interest in "Glory Helmets". The brochurecovers years 1890's to the 1950's . This brochure features wholesale pricing for , coaches, university booster clubs, alumni groups and athletic departments. The helmets make a great collectible for true fans of the old game. Plus great awards to outgoing players and retiring coaches. E-mail Past Time Sports with your physical address and mention code CC-101 and they'll send you the FREE brochure with a special wholesale C.O.A.C.H. discount, immediately, for your consideration. Please share this message with other appropriate decision makers. Thanks

Please call us toll free with any questions you may have at
972-690-6488 or pdf Purchase Orders to

past.time.sports7@gmail.com Past Time Sports accepts: MasterCard, Visa, 
American Express, and Discover.

Past Time Sports also accepts school purchase orders that are faxed on official school forms or stationery. Overnight delivery is available and the school is billed 30 days later.

Products are shipped via UPS in 3-5 days.

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