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Rare 1880- 1890 Morrel Nose Guard- Before the Helmet

Antique Morrell NoseguardAntique football Nose guardRare antique football NoseguardUniform


Before the invention of the Leather football Helmet .......
In the late 1880s and thru the 1890s Players wore a rubber Nose guard,
the Morrell Nose Guard was the best protection for the head.

It is considered one of the rarest football relics in history.
Very few have been found and collectors of football memorabilia
consider it one of the holy grails of football history sports memorabilia..
Our's is an exact replica of this rare piece of football equipment made of rubber.

There were so many broken noses and deaths when hard hits to the head would occur during the rough
smash mouth game of the 1880-1890s that this devise became very popular for all players to wear. It was still optional.
The nose guard was attached to the head by an elastic starp. In between plays the player let the nose guard hang from the neck. Befpre the snap
each player would firmly bite down on the lower back of the nose guard holding it firmly to the face as the starp also held it in place.
The bottom part of the back of the nose guard had a protrusion that fit into the mouth that held it tightly along with the starp as the player bite down as the play went forward.
It was effective and did save alot of lives and broken noses, but it was definitly awkward.
It was used all the way from the late 1880's and thru the 1890s right into the 1905 years. Call with any questions 972-690-6488.

Reg $125.00 Now $95.00 each


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